So happy you found me. Don't tell me. You are cruising the internet reminiscing about that great adventure you just completed. Or are you planning the next? Either way, you stumbled across my website and noticed a few familiar places and started thinking about that trip you made, the fun, the laughter, the thought of wanting to get back to there. We remember so much through our photos. They help form and retell the story in our minds. And assist in the retelling of our adventures to our friends and family. I want to help you tell your story.

I'm a story-teller by nature - anyone who has ever traveled with me can vouch for that. I understand the importance of our individual stories and our desire to tell them. Whether it's through finding that perfect print for your wall or helping you capture your story through you own lens, I can help you.  

A little bit about me. I was about 8 when my dad gave me my first camera - a little Instamatic with the little cube flash bulbs and the cartridge of film you just pop in. I don't remember the day he gave it to me but I remember using it a lot during our family camping vacations. I just always associated the outdoors with photography and photography with the outdoors. Fast forward a lot of years, I now use a Sony DSLR and a Sony mirrorless on my adventures and of course Photoshop in post-processing. In my adventurous life, I became involved with the Seattle Mountaineers several years ago and have led hikes, backpacks, naturalist trips and photography trips through them. I've also been know to instruct naturalist, navigation, photography, hiking and leadership courses for the club. My membership with the club has been a wonderful way to make friends and get out exploring as well as sharing stories.

I have helped share the stories for the National Park Service, National Forest Service, Washington State Parks, non-profit organizations, and happy adventurers. My images have been featured in magazines, books, brochures, and calendars, They have been used on DVD covers, postcards, greeting cards, and information kiosks. I have an annual calendar of my images and I'm currently working on two books about the Washington State Parks.

So, let's chat over a cup of coffee, share our adventures and see where I can help illustrate your adventure.